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I believe in people’s ability to create a different future

I would like to introduce you to Karina Rakhimova, RP. Karina is originally from Russia and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from her home country. Her journey brought her to Canada  where in 2016 Karina found the BREM program (formerly BTMH) and started to believe it might be possible to re-enter her original career and connect with her educational background and true passion, therapy and counselling. Karina proved to be an outstanding participant in the program, actively challenging herself, studying hard and demonstrating her astute talent for supporting vulnerable clients with her caring and empathetic approach. Karina completed a placement with a bereavement care program as part of a Hospice Palliative Team at a community agency. She also successfully applied to and received registration with CRPO as a Registered Psychotherapist. Karina continues to work in a paid role in the field of bereavement. Karina is also actively involved as a member of The Toronto New Life Wellness Place which provides multicultural, multilingual therapeutic wellness services for people in the Greater Toronto Area needing mental health and wellness support.

Her professional approach is taking on the role of collaborator vs. expert, she opens herself to a person’s “lived experience,” stays present and meets the person where they are. She says, “I believe in people’s ability to create a different future by working with past choices in a way that helps them remain open to new choices and master the art of living. I am professionally equipped to walk side by side with people who look for answers to the question: “What do I need to change in order to live my life fully after knowing suffering due to loss and grief, trauma, relationship challenges or loss of meaning?

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Sheila Mulhern is a professional Career Counsellor with a strong background working within marginalized communities. She is currently the Educational and Placement Counsellor for Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM). BREM supports skilled newcomers in: understanding the Canadian job search landscape and workplace culture, secure meaningful internships/mentors which leads to employment in their field.

February 2019

 [KR1]Her journey brought her to Canada where in 2016 Karina found BREM…

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