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BREM Graduate Tiago Souza, RP hired!

I would like to introduce you to Tiago Souza, RP (the RP behind his name stands for Registered Psychotherapist and is an important part of his story). He is originally from Brazil and was trained as a Psychologist there. He arrived in Canada in 2006 and like many skilled newcomers he wanted to practice in his field in Canada but encountered the barrier of re-education, an arduous and expensive option. Although he could not practice as a Psychologist he found work assisting individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities in community settings with daily-life activities, health and wellness. He wasn’t a practicing Psychologist, but he was helping others. He joined the BREM (formerly BTMH) program in 2016. As part of the BREM program, he completed a 6-month internship at the Salvation Army Booth Services as an Intensive Case Manager and Counsellor for individuals with concurrent disorders using trauma informed care while collaborating with health professionals under supervision. This experience and the BREM program launched him towards the path of registering with CRPO. He became registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO) in October 2017. Tiago says:

“Through learning about the current trends in mental health in Ontario, professional communication, professional placement, supervision and Safe and Effective Use of Self, I acquired the hours needed to apply for my licensing. The support was beyond academic or formal, it allowed me to feel I belonged to a community of professionals, sharing experiences and competencies, to a successful professional life in Ontario.”

Tiago is now a full time Addictions Psychotherapist, working at a private addiction and mental health facility.

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Sheila Mulhern is a professional Career Counsellor with a strong background working within marginalized communities. She is currently the Educational and Placement Counsellor for Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM). BREM supports skilled newcomers in: understanding the Canadian job search landscape and workplace culture, secure meaningful internships/mentors which leads to employment in their field.

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