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Graduate hired by CMHA Halton

I am thrilled to announce another graduate has been hired at the organization where they completed an internship. Somia Aslam (BREM graduate, formerly BTMH), has been hired as a full time Mental Health Counsellor at CMHA Halton. She is originally from Pakistan and has a Graduate degree in Psychology. Somia took BREM because she felt it could offer her “the opportunity to bridge the gap between my international education and experience and the specific context of mental health practice in Canada.” Since arriving to Toronto in early 2008 she has worked towards the goal of staying in her field. As a participant of the Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health program she was introduced to a network of other skilled newcomers, engaged in a rigorous mental health curriculum and completed a 6 month clinical internship at CMHA Halton. Her supervisor mentored Somia in a compassionate and comprehensive style that expanded Somia’s skill sets and increased her confidence. Somia is empathetic, a good listener, dedicated to learning & professional growth, has a strong therapeutic presence and she is incredibly patient. On top of all those skills she is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. #BREMgrad #BTMHgrad #mentalhealthsupport #newcomers #welcometoall #hiredanewcomer #internshipswork #mentorscanchangelives #bridgingisbeautiful

Sheila Mulhern is a professional Career Counsellor with a strong background working within marginalized communities. She is currently the Educational and Placement Counsellor for Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM). BREM supports skilled newcomers in: understanding the Canadian job search landscape and workplace culture, secure meaningful internships/mentors which leads to employment in their field.

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